Anthony Ghazel

This is Anthony Ghazel, Drummer of Being As An Ocean. Thank you for touching on your crippling anxiety and overcoming it to share this 🙏🏻

“Around age 21 I started suffering from crippling anxiety and depression. I had suicidal thoughts and even worse – constant irrational fears that someone I loved was going to get hurt.

During this incredibly difficult, confusing, and embarrassing time I found a professional therapist and made attempts at explaining what was going on in my head. I use the word “embarrassing” because it was so hard to open up out of fear of being told I was crazy. I just wanted to feel “normal”.

Guess what? My therapist didn’t call me crazy. The opposite happened – he told me exactly what was going on and that it was completely normal. We began a journey of healing together. Today, at age 26, I don’t see my therapist anymore. I am equipped with the tools to deal with my anxiety – an anxiety that affects me virtually every single day. I’m not ashamed of it anymore, I’m not scared to talk about it, and I refuse to live a life where my anxiety owns me. It’s easy to talk about now, and I never thought that would be the case.

If you relate to my story in any way I encourage you to speak up and ask for help. Mental health should not be taboo and I encourage you to break that stereotype and take control of your life. I promise you this: you are loved and your life matters.”

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