My name is George Watsky and here is something you may not know.

I’ve had moments of depression in my life. In 2014 my epilepsy returned and I had four seizures. Losing my driver’s license and going back on medication after over a year off it was really hard for me. I’d just broken up with a girlfriend in New York, I was living alone and feeling pretty isolated. I had so much time alone with my thoughts that I was dwelling in negativity and sleeping for big portions of each day.

I’ve never really had a moment of clarity, but rather have just tried my whole life to make little improvements along the way. When I get in my head and down on myself, usually the best remedy is to remind myself of my impermanence and that every other person is going through their own shit. We’re all the center of our own little universes, but in reality, our problems are not special. It’s easier to say these things than to put them into practice, but I always try to remind myself when I get down.

Music is a big part of it. I always try to write about what I’m going through. One, because I think it helps me understand myself better to put my thoughts on the page, and two, because I think honest, raw material is the best art. Each of my albums reflects the major themes I was processing in my life, whether it’s my relationships, my health or politics.

My mental health is a constantly evolving process. Every day is different. I am happy more than I am unhappy. But I also know I’m not perfect and I have times where selfishness gets the better of me. I’m still on medication for my epilepsy, but I’ve been able to get my dosage down and I have my driver’s license back now. I feel excited for everything to come in my life and don’t spend as much time looking backward as I used to.

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