Ashley M

My Name is Ashley Meyer, and I am the tour manger for a Non-Profit called Can You Hear Me. I have been struggling with Anxiety and Depression for about 10 years now. I have been clinically diagnosed with situational anxiety and depression. It comes and goes in waves, but when they crash it becomes very difficult because you think you can prepare for whatever is coming next but you can’t. Its been very hard to deal with.

Suffering from Depression and Anxiety has made it so I isolate myself at certain times and feel like there isn’t anyone to talk to. Although family and friends have always been very accepting of me and reaching out, I still find my self in situations where I don’t want to talk about anything to anyone. I feel like I am bothering people or complaining when I do reach out. My depression tells me I am not worth the conversation. Its a dangerous feeling to sink into.

Can You Hear Me is a support group that helps people deal with exactly this. It is a community of people that I can reach out to at any moment of the day to talk about things I am dealing with, and know that there are people who are going through, or have gone through the same situation. It can be found at there are teams in 11 different country full of “teen reps”

I found my voice through organizations like Can You Hear Me, and in sharing this I hope others will find theirs as well. The Help is out there and you are not alone.

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